Keywords: St. Petersburg, Russia, Culture, International, Sustainability

St. Petersburg - Culture Capital, Creative Capital... Colour Capital? For a city that enjoys on average only 75 days of sunshine per year, it seems at first glance that St. Petersburg might as well be synonymous with grey. The sky may be, but the city itself is another story. The famous historic centre is a veritable rainbow: turquoise, coral red, blushing pinks, mint green, marigolds and mustards rise up from the frozen canals to the hazy silver clouds above. As it turns out, this grey city is not so grey after all. 

One way of thinking about identity begins with the idea of possession, taking ownership, taking pride. Every time you visit a museum or theatre, you take a little piece of it home with you: your entrance ticket. As time passes, you accumulate these artefacts of experience. Could this existing framework of ticketing be used to encourage a sense of identity between people and place, and even between different cultural hubs in the city? Taking inspiration from the unique colour palette of St. Petersburg, Spectrum seeks to do just that. 

Your entrance ticket; to a museum, to the cinema, to an exposition organised by an experimental music collective is now a tool for creative action.