Raiden envisions a world built on new augmenting technology. A research project that looks into Human Augmentation and the force evolution of man to deliver provocative forms of technology. 


Featured in Dubai Design Week 2016, Wired, EsquireME, RCA show 2016, Imperial Show 2016

If we can place lightning inside our fingertips, then fire, water, wind and other natural forces of great magnitude can also be introduced into our bodies in order to force evolve our ability to transcend humanity.

By using a series of Tesla coil drivers, Raiden is an exoskeleton for hands and arms allowing up to 12,000 volts of raw electricity to spark from its user's fingers.

In doing so, the disruption in energy cells in products allows us to remove the necessity of batteries, thus imagining a more sustainable product life cycle where one battery fits all. This unique source of energy can reduce the product's weight and cost, hence delivering a new form of multibody-enabled technology and the products it subsequently creates.

Raiden is about harnessing the phenomenal, the supernatural and the science fiction, and putting the power into the hands of man in order to achieve new applications that were not feasible before.