Kourosh loves technology and he is obsessed with all things new and shiny. His background comes from Product and Industrial design engineering having taken a major dive into design development and research into human centred design. 

More than 7 years experience working as a hybrid designer / engineer creating innovative new products, researching and developing new technology and designing industrial languages for both physical and digital media in hardware and UI/UX. Achieved MSc and MA with Distinction from Royal College of Art and Imperial College in 2016.

Worked on multiple award winning projects, ability to entice investors and exhibited work internationally. Passionate about how people interact with technology and social norms. 

His experiences with technology date back to when he studied and worked with Nokia during his Bachelors’ where he had his first taste of consumer electronics on a global scale.

When he is not in front of a sketchbook, Kourosh enjoys diving into Video games and catching up on Japanese Art and culture.